Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hello gang,

Remember me? Yup, it’s your friendly neighborhood rock and soul servant, daddy day care minion, lazy ass blogster and man about town (or should I say world traveler?). Yeah, yeah, yeah I know it’s been a long time.
I’ve been keeping a close eye on the web page and I’m sorry I’ve been incognito. No excuse…. uhm except it takes me all day and all night to type…I suck at it. I have been doing a lot of projects over the last year; benefits around the country, writing the never ending solo album ( I’ve always needed a good kick in the ass to get going), Scrap Metal gigs, Singing BG’s on a new Ted Nugent record (Amazing huh? Thanks Jack), singing on a new karaoke game, a handful of shows around the globe and learning to tango…nah just kidding. My big focus right now is my upcoming tour in Australia, South America, Europe, India and a more shows in North America. I’m calling the tour “Live down under, up and over, around the horn and back in the USA.” If all goes according to plan I’m going to have a goodtime and hopefully so will you. I do hear some talk about going back throughout Europe in December. Bring it on baby.

I had this Idea a few years ago on how to tour overseas and keep it cost effective and keep the music fresh. My manager (My baby’s mama Denise Martin) would call promoters all around the world and book shows 5 months in advance, find the best rock musicians or the most popular bands in the big cities and have them learn 18 to 20 of my tunes, send mp3’s back and forth and pray for the best. So far so great!! “The Road Vultures,” my Argentinean rock band, kick out the jams (I’m taking these boys to India). “Hayseed,” from Norway, play my set bluesy, ballsy and soulful. I‘m looking forward to working with my friend John McNamara and his outfit down in Australia (virgin territory for me). I have been working with some new musicians at home as well; some of you have met them already at my last couple shows. I would love to hear what you think of these guys and girls? You heard me…girls. Yeah I missed the soul singing so bad that I had to incorporate it back into my show. Cheers to Allyson, Amber and April for their angelic soul belting.

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t love what I do and I couldn’t do it without you folks out there. I’ll miss all my fan/friends back home but I have been looking forward to this trip for years. I’ve been a weekend warrior for too long.

After Australia I’ll be traveling to South America to share the spotlight with my old MR. BIG band mate, Richie Kotzen. I haven’t seen the kid since 2002 but I have been following his career since the bands demise. Maybe after his bands set we can dust the cobwebs off of some of those old tunes we use to play together and give the fans more bang for their buck.

I just found out that a good friend and road crew member of my old band 415/ EMB has passed away.
Johnny Howard was our champion. He loved us so much and the feeling was mutual, we took that kid under our wings and made him an honorary member of the group. Johnny and his family lived right across the street from us in Novato, California and took care of the band. His father Paul is one of my oldest friends. It’s incredibly sad when a father has to bury his own son…my heart is heavy and I hurt deeply, my condolences to Kelly, and the family and friends of this young man with a heart of gold.

Before I say so long I want to thank my manager for all the hard work she did to make this tour happen. There are a lot of details that go into planning things like this, and it aint easy. I used to take it for granted when the big agencies would handle the tours back in the day; I didn’t know that there was a lot that goes into it. I thought you blew in a phone call, we show up and play the gig. I’m such an idiot sometimes. Denise took charge of everything at the home front with some great help of all of the promoters.

I love you babe, I won’t let you down.