Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Station House Benefit Show
I know I have been a silent partner with you boys and girls for a long time. I apologize for the disappearing act. I hope I didn’t lose any friends/fans over my absence. I read all your emails and I just want to tell you that I’m here and doing grand and hope that you are too. I guess I just let the infamous “You Tube” speak for me (Every picture tells a story kind of dealio).
2007 proved to be a very good year for me as a world traveler, well 2008 is shaping up to be quite an adventure as well. Before I get started with my blogging I just want to thank Troy Luccketta for inviting me to participate in the Station Club Fire benefit in Rhode Island. I have been haunted by this thing for many years now and I have always wanted to lend a hand to help these families and survivors of this American tragedy. All my peers and rock heroes came out in support for these folks. Dee Snider is a real champion in my book. After I sang “To be with You” accompanied by 6 talented guys; Marc Bonilla (guitar/voc), Ed Roth (keys), Travis Davis (bass/voc), Troy Luccketta (drums) Gary Hoey (lead guitar) and the golden voice of Wes Quave I headed up the stairs of the venue to hang out with the brothers and sisters of Providence and all points in between. The first person I ran into was this lovely and energetic girl named Tammy Belanger who I talked with for a while. We talked about Mr. Big and that little song of mine and even sang a verse and chorus together; later I came to find out that her cousin Dina Ann DeMaio died in the fire. She wasn’t supposed to work (cocktail waitress) that night. Tammy kept telling me when she watched the blaze on TV it didn’t register to her because she knew that Dina wasn’t there. After numerous unanswered phone calls to her cell phone Tammy and her family went to every hospital in the area, the Word came down later that her cousin had perished in the fire. Dina’s little boy Justin was too young to know what was happening, the next day he wanted to know where his mommy was so that he could give her the pajama’s he got for her for her birthday. To watch and listen to this story told by this young brave woman was incredibly moving, I was trying to be strong at the time but I wasn’t when I said my goodbyes or right this minute. To the survivors and families; I hope and pray that we put a smile on your face and hopefully some cash in your pocket. I know the pain will never go away but maybe with a little help from your new music friends you can take care of yourselves and all the children affected by this nightmare.
The show was fantastic! Carmine Appice and Slam beat the hell out the drums and trash cans, Winger was rockin’ heavier than I have ever heard, John Rich, Gretchen Wilson and the Muzik Mafia played all the country hits, Whiskey Falls are my new favorite band (Damon Johnson rules). Move over Jon Mellencamp- folk rocker Brandon Reid is coming on strong. Aaron Lewis the heavy metal crooner (I’ll probably get lambasted for saying that but I thought he was really good), the awesome combo special of Stryper and Boston, Indie energy by Facing Forward, the emotional voice of Kevin Max from dc talk, Tesla who has consistently shined through their whole career were full of raw energy as usual (thanks Frank & Robbie for your help) and a band that I swear kicks out the jams better than anybody, “Twisted Sister.” The show ended with all the groups and survivors singing on the 80’s anthem “Were not going to take it.” The crowd loved it and I heard we raised over $200,000 dollars. Count me in for the next one Troy.

It feels so good to be touring again and rockin’ out with old and new friends. I have played with some phenomenal musicians over the past year or so and I would like to thank each and every one of them…………and a way we go-
-South America and India-
Christian Vidal - Thank you for being there for me, you are a guitar player extraordinaire my friend. I am blown away by your talent and your ability to play different styles of music. The South American tours were killer but hanging out in the beautiful Ri Kynjai Resort after the big concert in Shiilong India and listening to you play your song “ Santiago’s coming” just took my breath away. I turned my face away because I didn’t want you, Charlie and Pablo to see my tears… I’m a sucker for tango ballads. Also when we were on the Airplane coming from to Chile to Buenos Aires and those musicians busted out there acoustic guitars and you and Richie joined along in that traditional Brazilian music jam…whew… it was unbelievable. It’s awesome to see the boys look up to you as well, it’s like you’re their hero…that’s got to be a good feeling.
Charlie “The Latin Lover” Giardina - Thank you brother for laying it down on the bass and vocals. From the first tour to the second I watched you and your evolution as a rock star. Your presence on stage is exceptional…I know I’m throwing out all these 10 dollar words but dude you kicked major ass for me on tour and not only are you one of the nicest guys around but you make us all laugh with those impressions. I even liked when you did me…Am I that crazy? You’re a good friend Charlie and I can’t wait to rock with you in the upcoming tour of South America.
Pablo Garrocho – You’ve definitely got the drum chops young blood!! Thank you for breaking a snare or two with those hard hits, you make this band sound big. I was watching some video on us (The Road Vultures) from Sao Paulo and you’re slammin’ those drums, wood splinters are flying all over the stage. I hail you brother, and thanks again for not throwing your drum sticks at my head on some gigs…I can be a bit pushy with drummers…ask Denise Martin and Pat Torpey. He’s a looker girls of the world so you’ve got to treat this kid like you would a movie star. I can see him right now pointing his finger in a circular motion towards me and saying “No, No, No you no comprende my friend”…lol. Give your son “Santiago” a kiss on the cheek for me will you. See you soon PG.
Martin Perticone- to my South American Promoter/arranger/vocalist and liaison to the Road Vultures; you, kind sir, are a wonderful person. How do you fit rock and roll touring into the mix and run a huge hotel franchise as well. I’m indebted to you for keeping my dream alive.
John McNamara – Cheers to my new best friend on the planet. Thank you so much for bringing me to Australia as a promoter and playing guitar and singing for me. I love your style brother; I don’t mean the way you dress even though you make the rest of us look like bargain basement mannequins but it’s your aggressive swagger, clever riffing and black & blues tone that slays me. This whole touring thing was your brain child with having great musicians in different countries back me up. Denise and I helped make your plan work and it has been very successful. Thank you and your wife (Hot!!…sorry Johnny) Sheila for getting this snow ball rolling. Your Father and Mother have got to be the most down to earth people that I have ever met; I love ‘em (you too Keith). I really had the most wonderful time in OZ; we had a lot of laughs and rocked hard. It doesn’t get any better than this folks.
Keith McNamara – Holy stage presence bat dog!!! Keif me old china, you can sing, dance (Don’t dance with me….(inside joke)), rap to the audience, converse with the club owners, flirt with the girls, drink with the men, bring the house down with a scream and party like its 1999….uhm 2008. Hey look I know I can sing but if I had your presence I would be packin’ them in at the shows. Break a leg with the musical theatre and thanks for singing the harmonies with me on my tour down under.
Dean Gaudoin – when you hear the words “It’s a bird or a plane and faster than a speeding bullet and able to leap tall buildings with a single bound” you think of the comic book figure known as Superman. Well for all of us mere mortals out here in the jungle…one man stands alone. It’s the bass wielding, black clad avenger known throughout Europe, Asia and parts of Melbourne as “Gaudoin” (French accent applied). You’re one hell of a bass player Mr. Suave, cool, schooled, calm and collected. I know that you’re going to be embarrassed but it’s a plain fact…Chicks dig you! All Danny and I could do is smirk…how the hell do you do it kid. You’re Gaudoin for god sake; you’re in a whole different league than the rest of us wallflowers. Well it was my pleasure to grace the stage with you and your magical powers your hipness.

Dan “Danny” Luttick – “Double trouble” and I don’t just mean his amazing double bass kicking ability, nope I’m talking about an incredible hard rock drummer with a strong willed bad ass personality. You mess with this youngster and you get the horns or a fistful of dynamite. When that jerk-off through a pint of ice cream at you from his 20th floor penthouse apartment in the Gold Coast (sorry for laughing) and it landed at your feet…man I thought you were going to get all nuclear on his ass. Danny boy you’re a superb drummer and I hail you for being no nonsense kind of blokey. You are truly one of the great ones, Virgil Donati would be proud of one of his best pupils. I recommend this cobber to the highest bidder.
Terje Kjørlaug – Thank you my brother for being a great band leader and putting Hayseed on hold to tour with the old rock star. You are a soulful guitar player along the lines of Hendrix, Paige and Clapton, I totally love the way you made those old Mr. Big songs come to life again with your blues rock twist. After two small tours with you I think I finally get your dry sense of humor as well…lol. Thanks to your girl Crystal for bringing us together and turning me on to the beautiful Reindeer in Oslo…hmmmm good…lol. You’re a great music writer T-man…Make me famous.
Morten Fredheim -I loved singing with you my friend, you have so much compassion in your voice and you are truly a star. If you ever want to do a new righteous brothers duo call me, we would slay ‘em in Vegas. Also many thanks for giving me a lesson in politics 101. With that green army stage shirt and the mouthful of political rhetoric; you’re like a cross between Che Guevara and Bo! Hey I would follow you anywhere el presidente. All kidding aside you’re a rock & soulful singer and good man.
PS. Kids you’ve got to hear this dude sing a song from Hayseed song called “Wings” (it is emotion in motion).
Remi Fagereng - I could do without the tobacco chew but I can’t get around it from the way you play the drums man. You have the kind of confidence on stage that I admire; you’re “in the pocket” as they say. Thanks for giving it your all and backing me up with your block rockin’ beats.
Endre Hareide- Cheers to a sweet kid and a fantastic bass player. I really hit it off with you junior; you have a great outlook on life and a wisdom way beyond your years. You are definitely living in the now and when and if “it” comes you’re not stressing about it. These are the good times in our lives thanks for showing me that Endre.
Fabio Cerrone- This dude is a brilliant guitarist; I have been blessed with the great ones and I lucked out with this guy. Right in the beginning of the last tour his wife was about to have a baby but Fabio took planes, trains and automobiles back and forth from Rome to wherever the hell we were on the road. He was definitely tired and burnt but he played with full force every night. He has his own instrumental Jazz rock trio called “Virtual Dream” they are unfreakin’ believable, check out his MySpace and listen to “New Dance” and “33.” He also plays with the hard rock & blues outfit “Twin Dragons.” I’ll be touring with them in April as a special guest. I’m looking forward to travelling in that beat up tour van again for 9 hours a day talking about life and laughing up a storm with my pal Fab.
Don Roxx- When I first laid eyes on this leather clad biker I thought he was the bands tour bus driver. Later I learn he owns one of the clubs that were playing at and much later I learn he’s the bass player of my new band. In the back of my head I’m thinking “Did somebody lose a bet here?” Anyway after one hell of a club tour of the back alleys of Italy I learn that this gentle giant (Ok…he’s not really a giant…more like a nice pit-bull) is a deep pocket hard driving groovin’ bass player with a sarcastic sense of humor. Oh yeah… we definitely hit it off!!
Salverio Federici- This youngster turned out to be a killer drummer with hands like hammers. “Bam-bam,” as I like to refer to him played solid and loud just like I like it. He’s a great kid too; a little serious from time to time but he’s got a good heart. It was kind of funny to watch him call his girlfriend every hour of the day, I think the rest of us were a little!!
Manuel Gatta- This awesome singer sounds exactly like somebody I know…uhm me, literally note for note with every gravely nuance, inflection and scream. It’s kind of scary. He’s the lead singer of a Mr. Big tribute band called “Raw like Sushi.” I was very fortunate to have Manuel sing backups with me in Italy. Cheers to a true gentleman from Folgia.
Scrap Metal- Mark Slaughter, Gunnar and Matthew Nelson, Kelly Keagy, Joel Hoekstra, Christian Cullen and Paul Taylor: Pinch me am I dreaming? No baggage, no strings attached, no band meetings, just go out on the stage and do what you do and the prerequisite is to have fun? Whew…the ultimate dream gig.
Special thanks to all the people who put in countless hours of promotion and hard work into this thing I do and making it a big success in my eyes: Maharaja Kirit Pradyot Manikya Deb Burman (thanks again for bringing me to India), Jan Eric Salvensen, John and Sheila McNamara, Stefano Luciano, Zeke Clark, Andrew McNiece, Martin Perticone, and to my manager/babies mama, Denise Martin for dealing with the 2000 pound gorilla in the room.
Thanks to my other brothers and sisters- Matt, Monroe, Tal, Uriah, Allyson, Amber and April for being there for me in the USA.

Ps. If I forgot anybody you can scold the living shitake mushroom out of me and I’ll fix it quicker than you can say “Billy Button bought a buttered biscuit!”

Check this extra stuff that I’ve been doing:
v American Idol Encore – I sang “Sister Christian” and “I don’t wanna miss a thang” (I tried to do my old friends proud) for the newest video game.

v Singstar – choreography for the cover and video shoot. That’s my mic pose people!

v Station house benefit show - Video Here it was an amazing event for such a great cause. Airs on VH1 Easter Sunday.

v Fillmore – Sold Out – Thanks to everyone who helped sell out the Fillmore. Mark Slaughter and I are ready to rock…well with our acoustics!

v I was asked to pick my 5 favorite albums - Guitarhoo

v A little chat about Rock with these funny dudes- Red & Jerry’s rockin metal revival – hour 3

v Interview- Blast Magazine

v Also, very important, Denise is doing a marathon for Breast Cancer and needs your support to reach her team goal. This cause is near and dear to our hearts since both of our Mothers are survivors. Click here to help!

Pss. I had my first major geek moment last month when I met and performed with my Idol Paul Rogers in Arizona. I was asked to be a part of the Gridiron Greats charity benefit along with Joe Nichols, Nils Lofgren (Bruce Springsteen), Cowboy Troy (Big & Rich), the Jonny Gunn Band and Sir Paul Rogers. What an amazing experience, I got sing “All right now” with the great one. I brought my brother Dan; we both were completely blown out by the talent that night. 1 week later Steve Vai and I (We talked about that one big thing we had in common) presented an award at the Pollstar awards in Los Angeles and Paul was there presenting as well. You should have seen me, hell my wife saw me, she said she had never seen me geek out on anyone before in her life. Believe it or not I think I said “I love you man” to him, Whoa…. I think I talked his ear off all night long. When I came out of my hypnotic trance I thought I heard Paul’s wife Cynthia saying to Denise “He always gets that crazy reaction from singers”. Well I’m here to tell you; I have been to the mountains of India, pet Kangaroos in Australia, Explored the coliseum and the ancient ruins of Rome, braved the heat of South America and withstood the icy cold of Norway but I will never ever forget the wisdom and handshake or wash the hand that had to be pried out of Paul Rogers hand again.


Anonymous Mick Flaire said...

Hey there Eric!

Good to see ya bloggin’ ol' friend!

Dude, I'm gonna be the DJ in the Poster Room Lounge @ the Fillmore on Saturday, March 29th when you and Y & T play there!!

How wild is that!

And here's something even wilder just yesterday I was telling my friend Creighton Burke here at Live Nation SF (formerly BGP) about the time Magnum, Kid Courage, & Rage played at the Mabuhay Gardens on 9/4/77, the same night as the Golden Dragon slayings just a few blocks away in Chinatown, while we were loading out our gear in the alleyway!

And then I was reminiscing about the time I rolled up on you guys in Honolulu when 415 opened for Journey at the NBC Arena on the Frontiers Tour in '83.

What a wonderful rock and roll life we've led, and there's still more to come!

I'll see ya in 2 weeks pal!



1:16 PM  
Blogger SexyCabritinha said...


You r alive!!!
I´m so happy for you! Keep on rocking!
Thank you very much for all the information!
We can´t wait to see you again here in Brazil !!


2:51 PM  
Anonymous isis gaona. said...

duuude, what a huge post *o*

and.. you're alive \o/
we were missing your funnies posts :\

thanks for always being there for us, eric.
you're aweeesome *--*

brazil is waiting for you *__*
i just can't wait to see you again *-*
btw, could you PLEAAAASE play THE CHAIN when you come back? :~
please please please please *-*
aand.. what about an Aerosmith Cover? :D
haha, probably i'm disturbing you u.u
sorry, mr. big mouth :P

love you so much! ♥

3:56 PM  
Blogger vestal said...

Dear Eric! Thank you for your post! Improbably, that at all your employment you find time for blog! I only want to say two words about Paul Rogers. At all I do not wish to derogate from Paul Rogers. I listened songs of a Paul Rogers and I consider that its voice really beautiful, but your voice Eric is much more beautiful and really magic. Eric you have a fantastic voice! You know? :-)) Though I am very glad, that you have met whom dreamt and have carried out the desires:-)Wish you to spend a excellent weekend!

3:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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6:09 PM  
Blogger MANUEL Foggia's gentleman said...

Hi Eric,
it'a long time..I hope that your tour with Twins Dragons is going fine! I've seen that you will play in Pescara on 1st May, I hope we'll have the chance to meet again! I don't know how to contact you but I leave here my e-mail address if you want write back!
Thanks a lot for remembering me on your blog, I was very glad to read it.
Take care...kisses and hugs to your kids and Denise..but not to your mother-in-law!!!lol

10:03 AM  
Blogger Bruna. said...

Hey Eric, I feel good that you feel good! I see you on the last show in Brazil, and I can't wait to see you rockin' again!

Well, Mr. Big is one of my favorite band, so, in the last year I did a tattoo and I wrote "Alive and Kickin'". That's one of the songs that say so much about me... so I tattoed it! I hope that you can see on the next time that you come to Brazil!

But, if you wanna see a picture you can see it here:

See you soon, and thanks for all!

10:40 AM  
Blogger Cynega said...

Man, you're the biggest singer on earth.
I can't wait for the concert in Argentina, this 6th june!!!!

See ya!

8:53 PM  
Anonymous Martin said...

Good Job! :)

3:07 AM  
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