Thursday, September 20, 2007

What’s up gang,
So I finished the Australian tour on a screaming high note; A hot & sweaty, “Alive and Kickin” show in Sydney. Thanks to my new best friends all over OZ; you boys and girls know how to show this Californian a good time. So after that wild adventure and another 19 hour airplane flight, I went home to the Bay Area for 3 days to kiss the wife and kids. Now I’m in Argentina opening for my old compadre, Richie Kotzen. I just finished my set, I thought the boys (The Road Vultures; Christian, Charlie and Pablo) and I did a damn good job tonight…(hell the audience in Mar del Plata loved it so we must have rocked da house)!
RK and his band (Johnny Griparic (Bass) and Dan Potruch (Drums)) killed tonight. Man I forgot how great that kid is! This tour is going to be cool.
All right Gang it took about 5 hours to drive here on a tour bus (that were sharing with 15 other people…the opening act “Madison” , a couple crew dudes, promoters and what looks like a booster club..Lol) and we’ve got a 5 hour trek back to Buenos Aires. It’s about 2:30 in the morning and I figure we get back at….shit I don’t want to think about it.
(Meanwhile 6 F-ing hours later)
Ugh…..what a trip. That was a bus ride from hell….more like the Antarctica. That broke down, stripped gear smelling, Ice box of a bus barely made it back to the hotel. In a few hours RK and I have an in-store to attend and than it’s off to the next show. We are filming live tonight for a DVD so you kids better be on your best behavior…or not.
PS. I’ll get back to everyone soon.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

G’ day gang,
I'm here in the land down under having a wonderful time rocking out for the great Aussie fans. I have had a few mishaps along the way (you know me boys and girls? I'm cursed). The airline lost my luggage (I eventually got it back), my in-ear monitors blew up before the show due to the Australian high voltage power (I've been pretty scratchy for a day or two), custom agent harassed me (they had me sing “To be with you” and we were all as one after that) and a dingo ate me baby….no….just kidding. After my first show in Adelaide, which was a hell of a lot of fun…(thanks to the fans for a goodtime), I stayed at the home of my promoter, John McNamara. I’m here to tell you it was unreal. John and his beautiful wife Sheila live way out in the country, about 3 hours from Melbourne, in a town called Clunes. It’s a ranch style house in the big sky country baby! You've got your sheep, hawks, kangaroos, koalas and no human around for miles. His Mum and Dad live about 10 or 15 minutes away on a bigger sky country ranch; an easy 15 acres that’s for sure. When you pull up to the gates and down this long driveway you see Kevin and Bonnie McNamara’s Dynasty/ Dallas looking mansion. They both train greyhound dogs for racing. They have this full size race track on the grounds it’s truly an awesome sight to see. This lovely hard working man has been doing this gig for 35 years and treats all the dogs like if they were his own. Their fed better than me at home….lol. Well after a few days of interviews, radio performances and kicking back in the country my new mates and I are off to Melbourne for another new adventure. I'm going to stop now because I'm typing in the car. I'll write more later.