Monday, November 13, 2006

So I agreed to perform every breast cancer event that came my way this year. It’s a great cause and a terrible disease that hits way to many women in all of our lives. I thought I’d do what I could to help a great cause. Last nights “Standing Ovation” was one of the most fun benefits I’ve ever done. It’s been months of rehearsing with a group of talented people to ensure that every kink was worked out. This event was full of Broadway musical skits and I (along with my ol’ faithful singing companion, Elena Keating) was enlisted to sing “Summer Nights” from the movie and play” Grease”. I played Danny and EK played Sandy. My good friends Geoff and Corey helped round out the “guy gang.” Leather jacket, cuffed jeans, some Chuck Taylors, slick back hair and a chain wallet was my theme with my girl EK in a blue poodle skirt (yes, we went out after the show to our local watering hole, Rafters, dressed like this)!! My wife Denise and her girl gang, Christy, Ruth, Traci, Pam, my sister Joanie and sister in-law Kelly were part of the wait staff for this event. They worked their asses off running plates to over 300 people in a packed house. Every person working this event donated his or her time to raise the most money for the charity. It was a great to see so many people get together for such a great cause. Comic performer Gina Ottoboni-Stahl brought down the house; the woman is an incredible talent. Anyhow, I thought we all did a great job and got a great response from the audience.
Halloween was amazing. Jake and Dylan were their heroes (for this week) Buzz and Woody. We went to a kiddie class, out to breakfast, to get their photos taken, trick or treating and then to our friend’s party at night. It was one of the longest days of my life, I felt like I was on a promotional tour with Mr. Big. I loved walking the boys up to people’s doors to say “trick or treat.” They figured it out after the second house, “take a piece of candy from this stranger, put it in my pumpkin bucket, give a cute smile (cause I can’t say thank you yet) and move on to the next stranger.” Since my kids are only 2 (almost, November 24th), Denise and I have been on a sugar high for the past few weeks eating all that candy. Yummy.
I’m writing some great new songs at the moment. I’m working hard to gather my best material for my next album. I’ve been back and forth on what style I wanted to create and I’ve got it now…pure rock and roll! It will be great, I promise.
December is going to be a great month, (besides my boys celebrating Christmas where their finally old enough to open a box and know what’s inside), I’m playing a couple of killer shows. Dec. 17th, I’m bringing back “Wooden Music Night” to the Sweetwater. In the heyday of Mr. Big, we’d be out on the road so much that I lost touch with playing clubs, so after several years of this, I started “Wooden Music Night.” I’d invite some of my friends to come down and play this acoustic event and I’d be the MC as well as play a few songs. We had Jonathon Cain, Sedona, and tons of other artists. I thought it would be fun to bring it back. I’ll see how this one goes (how much time I have to put into making it happen) and hopefully it will be a once a month event. This first one features my extended family, April and Monroe Grisman, Tal and Amber Morris and Asher and Paige. All great friends of mine and I can’t wait to have them join me onstage. We’re cooking something up for a grand finale. On New Year’s Eve, EMB will reconnect to play with Y&T. Jill Meniketti asked me to do the show and I thought it would be a great way to bring in the New Year, with some wonderful friends.
See you all soon