Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hey all,
I'm getting ready to embark on the Mr. Big reunion tour; relearning songs, helping with artwork, merchandise, stage design, jumbo screens, travel, etc.  We start rehearsing later this month and I have to say I'm really excited to make music with these guys again.  
The tour is 99% sold out with seats left at the Fukuoka and Yokohama shows.  

Jun 05, 2009 Zepp Sapporo
Jun 07, 2009 Zepp Sendai
Jun 09, 2009 Kouseinenkin Hall Ishikawa
Jun 10, 2009 Zepp Nagoya 
Jun 12, 2009 Zepp Fukuoka
Jun 15, 2009 Grand Cube Osaka 
Jun 17, 2009 Hiroshima ALSOK Hall 
Jun 18, 2009 Osaka Kouseinenkin Hall 
Jun 20, 2009 Budokan
Jun 21, 2009 Yokohama Arena, Yokohama

Here's the title track video "Next time around" from our greatest hits album.  Those of you that have already seen the video, has it become apparent to you (as it was to me making it) that there was a genuine bond and brotherhood in that studio?  The majority of the old footage is from my archives (thanks for making me clean the shed Denise, I found the lost treasures of the Mr. Big past).  

Click below to purchase the new Mr. Big Greatest Hits album (the deluxe edition has a DVD) -

I have to say I'm pretty happy to have two albums in the top 3 spots on the charts right now under my alter ego, Mr. Vocalist (aka The Balladeer) !!! This is a first!  Check out the Sony Japan/Eric Martin site here: 

I'll be playing my favorite annual Muir Beach BBQ with my old pal Andre Pessis and co. on May 24th (check the tour dates for more info).  This is a home grown rock and roll show that consists of family and friends onstage. My better half, Denise, will be kicking down the block rocking beats behind us.  To me it's a great hometown hang before going out on tour with Mr. Big. 

This is the first Mother's Day I'll spend without my Mother (who passed away on January 20th).  I will always love her and am thankful for all the love and wisdom she's ever given me.  I used to call her from the road to tell her what I was up to and she always had encouraging words for me and could easily lift up when I was down.  She told me how proud she was that I followed my dreams and I continue that today with her spiritual support. 

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mom's out there.

Stay gold,

ps - One last thing about the Mr. Big tour; this is not just a show and a t-shirt; we're in this for the long haul. 


Blogger Aracir said...

tnx for the update. love the video!

6:09 PM  
Anonymous Milena said...

Hey Eric!
I hope you will read that some day..
On October 1th I saw Mr.Big in Sofia,Bulgaria.. aaaand I'm speechless. You guys are just ADORABLE!!! And you don't just play music.. you play art. I love your music and I couldn't believe it when i saw all of you ,because you are one of my favorite bands. I didn't expect that you are THAT good (nod just good, but there aren't any words to describe how wonderful you are) Aaand I can't explain how I felt when you pointed me!! I lost my voice aand though Mr.Big is one of my fav bands I didn't start crying during the gig (actually i didn't know what was happening lol), but I did it when I got home and I was so out of my mind, that my dad asked me if i was drunk and i said in a husky voice: "I FUCKING SAW MR.BIG!!!" And I just lied on my bed smiling, smiling and smiling.. I couldn't meet anyone of you and I couldn't get an autograph. But I hope i will next time ,if i ever see you again. It was the most happy night of my creepy teen life, but hell yeah, it was! It was an unbelieveble experience and it worth the living for such moments. And It seemed like that you enjoyed the show very much and you liked your Bulgarian fans.. And I hope you really did. And also, the atmosphere was unforgetable, a crowd singing and rocking together all the time..
And I was so glad when I found your blog. I hope you will check it out when the tour this year is over. I love your voice, its like a voice from heaven and every time i hear it, I become all goose-flesh, it brings me so much memories. And Eric, I think you are not just a great musician, but a great person too.. You have a wondeful sense of humor! I wish you never to stop being yourself, never stop smiling, have many many great experiences, and i hope that you and the other awesome guys from Mr.Big will continue working together! And I am sure your little boys are wonderful like their father and i am sure they will be succesfull as him!
I will never ever forget the 1th of October. I hope that one day you will come here again. <3

From the gig:

"Waited on a line of greens and blues, Just to be the next to be with you"

Thank you for being so great!!!

Love, Milena

7:13 AM  
Blogger ShOp-A-hOLiC said...

any chance of Mr.Big tour in OH? I've been Mr.Fan for 10 years? or so now actually not fan fan who go to every concert but I love Mr.Big however, Do you have any reunion concert plan in US? I am Thai (heard you guys just had a concert there :( sad i'm in us now) but living in OH, US. Hopefully will hear some good new from you soon. Thanks

5:42 AM  
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Hey Eric,

I've just discovered your blog and became so happy:D I'm going to see you on the 27th in Budapest and really looking forward to it!!! Hope you have a great time while touring! It must be fantastic.
Just wanted to say thanks for the music, especially for one song, "Dancing right into the flame"- I've been listening to that one for 3 days now, I'm in love with that song.

5:27 PM  
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10:57 AM  
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