Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hello Gang,

Contrary to popular belief…I love touring. I don’t know if it’s the camaraderie of a new band of brothers, or the traveling in a cramped van with all the equipment, or just the incredible feeling of adventure in a different country. Oslo Norway is so gorgeous, snow-capped mountains, nightlife galore and everybody looks like they jumped out of the pages of Vogue magazine. There is a lot of love for my new favorite band “Hayseed.” The members include; Morten the lead singer (who took a seat in the back to sing backgrounds for me. Thanks man). I know I throw out the word “star” a lot in my blogs (I know how to pick em’) but this dude is shining, he’s a great singer and showman not to mention a political annalist (thanks for that too man). Endre’ is a bass player extraordinaire, fans would agree with me when I say that he is a “gentle giant.” He works the music scene of Norway like a machine, he plays in cover groups to pay his rent, church gig’s for his spiritual well being, Television gig’s and teaches music on the side to kids…. and he’s 24 years old. Remi, the drummer, has more chops than a Karate expert. That boy has a heart of gold and a dry sense of humor (hell, they all do). Terje, the left-handed guitar player, is the principal songwriter of the group, he’s also the leader but he leads with a look…or is it a stare? I don’t know maybe its telepathy but he keeps the band tight. They learned an hour and a half of my material in 3 weeks. We practiced once and they tore the roof off these gigs. These guys have been together for years and then this crazy, outspoken American shows up at their front door for a week’s worth of shows and they all make me feel like I’m a the new member of the band. Thanks to Crystal for bringing me back to Norway and kick starting the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Oh yeah the gig’s!! Oslo rocked, Strommen could have been better and Fagernes was the best. I sometimes wish that I could bend the hands of time back a few notches and start this whole musical life of mine over. Ahhhh to be young again. Check out the reviews-

The Wiggles
I grew up with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and now the next generation Martin is into the song and dance comedy of the Wiggles. The Martin family rocked out to the new Fab faux on March 13th. Jake & Dylan lost there minds and danced in the isles of the Paramount Theater in Oakland Ca. Hits like “Fruit Salad…. yummy, yummy” and “Do the Monkey” are forever imbedded in my head.
These tunes are chock full of catchy hooks, It’s like “To be with you” for tots.

Scrap Metal

I am rockin’ out in Nashville at the end of the month to do another gig with my band, Scrap Metal (Well it’s not really my band….. it’s the peoples band). We started filming our promo video at our last gig and will finish up the remaining pieces at this show. The gig is at the Mercy Lounge for the Nashville Songwriters Showcase. It should be a few days of fun. It’s basically like a NAMM show without the gear; just tons of performances at every club in town. We have the beginning of our electronic press kit posted on the Scrap Metal website. Check it out.

I’m finally headed to South America on my 1st solo tour. It’s going to be like the Norway adventure but probably a little heavier pop metal. There will only be two shows in Buenos Aries (both at Acatraz) but hopefully it will open up the metal gates for more shows in the future. We’re also working on a show in Brazil, so keep checking my tour dates page for more info. My old band amigo Ritchie Kotzen started out just like this and now he’s a regular in the South American club scene. I’ll keep you posted on the musicians/ set list and all around gossip.

Beatles Night
Monroe and April Grisman, Fairfax and Marin county’s rock & roll socialites, are hosting and performing a special night of Beatles music called “Come Together” at the famed Sweetwater nightclub in Mill Valley Ca. Most of the musical community will be on hand to lend their voices and rock skills to this communal event. My girl Denise will be riding shotgun with me as we throw down on some Beatles tunes.
So please join us as we raise money for beer and party like you just don’t care!!

Dennis Erectus Benefit
One of the great local radio pioneers, Dennis Erectus (98.5 KOME / 92.3 KSJO), has been hospitalized and is in bad condition from a heart attack (according to friends of his). We’ve got an obligation to help this dude right? No matter what he’s our brother (yeah brother from a another mother) and his shocking antics entertained the shit out of us so we kind of owe it to him to help him out. I think anyway. Most of the jocks of my day and today for that matter were pretty much told what to do, say or play by general managers and programmers but there were a few that were rebels and went against the grain and pushed there way to the front of the line and sometimes over the edge. That’s Dennis. Howard Stern was a seedling when Dennis arrived from the planet “Holy shit did he just say what I think he said”. “…In 1976, Erectus ran for president against Ford and Carter by promising a big-breasted 14-year old virgin to every man or woman who voted for him “. Mark Holley and I will be lending our support by playing a handful of acoustic songs to open for Y&T at the Saddlerack in San Jose on April 12th.

Austin Willacy
Our friend Austin Willacy will be playing at Café Dunord for his new record release party. I was fortunate to sing on a strong and soulful rock track entitled “To heavy to fly.” I love this guy not only for his talent and confidence but also for turning me up in the mix. Hey man most of the stuff that I get asked to do gets buried alive…anyway I’ll be there to support my friend. Feel free to join me.

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